Hollyhurst Then
Hollyhurst Today

Hollyhurst Cottage (as it was first called) was built about 1886 by a wealthy NY City businessman for his daughter, Jenny Lynch, to be used as her Summer cottage. It was the first house built on Holly St., Onset, MA, complete with carriage house. (some "cottage")

In later years, it became a rooming house for sailors, during the time when Onset pier was an active port. Then, it became a summer multi-family. Fortunes turned, and for a while, it was abandoned and fell into great disrepair. Then, in 1992, through an unusual series of events, I found her and fell in love with her and what she could be….. So, the saga continues…..

As you approach the house, you know creative female energy is there. (or someone with very strange color preferences) The house has been called "the Easter egg house" because of its' bright colors. In front… lavender shingles, white, roofless, gazebo porch and coral doors, with the remaining three sides or so of the house in pale blue siding. Flowers spilling from window boxes and planters.

Entering through the center door, you are greeted by a large, inviting Great room space, the walls are decorated in a cheerful, dusty rose color. The floor throughout is covered in creamy beige Berber carpeting with flecks of rainbow and two brightly colored Oriental area rugs for another touch of color. There are curved cornices and floor length café curtains in a romantic print of beige, lavender and rose, depicting old love letters. The living area offers a cozy seating arrangement in a provincial style, complete with fireplace stove, an entertainment center of TV and CD player, and a place to play a game of Chess. The dining area offers seating for 6/8 and buffet area, along with a cozy antique velvet loveseat near the gas fireplace stove. To the right of the doorway, the staircase rises to the second floor and climbing the stair more magic and fantasy await. At the top of the stair is the Victorian Suite. So named for it's theme of Victorian houses… stenciled on the walls and cornices and in the lace curtains at the windows. Other touches are the custom made fence headboard, the individual fireplace stove that can be used for heat or just a romantic atmosphere, and unique accessories. The next stop on your journey is the Woodland. So named for it's deep green walls, a color carried through to the curtains and bedding, and its' nature theme. It too, has it's own fireplace stove. The feel is nurturing, cool and restful. Last but not least is the Celestial. Deep lavender walls with delicate white stenciling, white cotton curtains and a white iron antique bed all combine to create a very soft, cozy, nurturing atmosphere. With the fireplace going, sheer Heaven!

Since the makover, I've had the house described to me as fun, amazing, beautiful, "wow," foofy, and very feminine…(lots of pinks…) People have said to me that just being here makes them feel good. I know it makes me feel good, but you'll have to judge for yourself.

You may even encounter the spirit of the house, Amazing Grace. She's a cheerful happy sprite, (based on the concept introduced in Carol Bridges Feng Shui related book, "A Soul in Place - Reclaiming Home as Sacred Space") who wanders through the house, finding spaces that make her happy and leaving some of her enlivening, magical energy behind in that space. She has plenty of herself to leave around and her essence can grow with delight or shrink with negativity… I think lately, she's been pretty happy. It's taken a lot of magic to get Hollyhurst to her present state and she's still evolving…. like her owner.

Now, about me. My name is Alice Rosalie Touchette. Creating this space has been a spiritual journey for me. I believe the transformation of this house has been a metaphor for the personal transformation I've experienced while doing it. It's been scary and wonderful. OK, so maybe that's a little deep for an introduction, but you get the idea.

A "spiritual connection" has always been important to me, but never more so, than the past few years. I believe it's true that we're each here for a purpose, and being here seems to be part of mine. It's difficult always being a little "odd," especially when you've grown up desperate for outside acceptance and validation (to fit in)… But, so much has happened in the past 18 months to make Hollyhurst happen that I can't deny the power of spirit and magic all around us. Fitting in doesn't seem so important anymore and wanting to share these concepts with anyone who'll listen, does. I've had disbeliveers call it "will power "or "common sense " or the power of just "having friends," and all those elements certainly have been part of it… but the purpose has been completely Spirit, of opening up and listening… then, following.

When I'm not on my spiritual quest, my passion is being an artist/performer… working mostly in textiles and dyes. I make clothing, home accessories, and do basic sewing… I'm working on some wearable art and some original design dolls. Whenever I get the chance, I love to perform, especially sing. I've enjoyed a few years in community theatre. I love finding new local artists and hope to be able to incorporate some art shows into this space. I believe there is a real connection between art and spirit. Bankers and businesspersons choose their professions, artists don't choose, they're chosen. (sometimes kicking and screaming).

I have a great interest in Alternative Therapies, especially energy focused ones like Acupuncture and Reiki, and am myself, a Reiki practitioner. They all focus on healing the whole person, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Six years ago, I didn't know what they were. Any talk about energy charkras or yin/yang I was sure originated from evil forces, but after a long, unsuccessful struggle with western medicine, I realized that the old ways weren't working, and that maybe I wouldn't be struck down by lightening if I just considered something new. I know that I would not be here writing this today, if I had not expanded my thinking of what was a "valid therapy." Reiki, massage, and Spa weekends are offered.

Lastly, this home is pet friendly. My "babies" Dee and Caddy, (1dog, 1 cat) share this space with me, although not with guests, unless requested. Well behaved, supervised pets are welcomed.

I hope to continue adding to this site. There will be an artists' connection and maybe some inspirational links and discussion. There are some very creative and gifted women (ok, and men, too) in this and the surrounding area and I want to get to know more of them. Right now, I am forming a womans' support group for the Fall. It will be designed to help us identify goals, our true hearts' desire, and then continue to act as a support system to help us achieve them. One night, every two weeks, to meet, share, laugh, cry, nurture and be nurtured in a supportive, accepting environment. $10.00 per evening, space will be limited. If this sounds interesting to you please call 508 291 2200. Also this winter, a magical, holiday artists' celebration is planned. With exceptional hand made gifts and wearables offered and selected holistic healers and psychics on hand to offer their services on site or as gifts. Check back for updates as plans progress.